Monday, 11 February 2008

Youth Peasants' Federation, Nepal

Youth Peasants' Fedearation, Nepal(YPF, Nepal) is an organization of justice-loving, patriotic, democratic and progressive youths of Nepal involved in the agricultural production.We advocate human rights, peasants' rights, food sovereignity, genuine and scientific agrarian reform, and dignity of the peasants and peasantry.
Nepalese pesantry carries a long and self-sacrificing history of struggle for national independence, democcracy, freedom, human rights and self-respect.We want to proceed this movement in the new time in new generation continueing the revolutionary spirit of our predecessors.

We believe: the land, water, forests, herbs and other natural resources including the biological diversity belongs to the peasants (farmers) and they deserve the "first right" for their utilization and the goverments must consult farmers before deciding about their utiliaation, reform and undergoing any national and international treaties in relation to these sesources.

Nepal is an agrarian country with geological and biological diversity and the livelihood of 65.7 percent of the population depends directly on the agriculture and contributes 40 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.Politically this country is in semi-feudal and semi-colonial state.
In this age of science and technology, commercialization of the Nepalese agriculture has been initiated and getting accelerated. However, this peasantry is not grown upto be a occupation of self-respect and self-dependent.

For modernizing the Nepalease agriculture with time and changing peasantry and farming to a dignified and attractive job adopting the scientific system of production,maximum youth participation in agriculture is essential.In the resistence against the feudalism, monopoly capitalism, neo-liberalism, and impearialism the strong youth particaption is equally important.This is why, Youth Peasants' Federation, NEpal(YPF,Nepal) is organized.

Central Committee:

Our Cenral Committee includes the following Youth Peasants' Leaders:

1.Chairman- Mr. Nahendra Khadka
2.Vice Chairman- Mr. Bipin Khadka
3.Secretary- Mr. Prakash Rokaya
4.Co-Secretary Mr. Mohan Bikram Oli
5.Treasurer Mr. Bed Prasad Timilsina

6.Member Mr. Uttam Poudel
7. " Mr. Macha Raja Maharjan
8. " Mr. Dan Bahadur Baniya
9. " Ms. Urmila Karmacharya
10. " Mr. Ram Hari Ghimire
11. " Mr. Yub Raj Poudel
12. " Ms. Tara Thapa
13. " Mr. Dal BAhadur Aidi
14. " Mr. Dhan BAhadur saud
15. " Mr. Yub Raj Poudel
16. " Mr. Khem Bhatta
17. " Mr. Nuchchhe Kaji Maharjan
18. " Mr. Shyam Sundar Singh
19. " Mr. Ran BAhadur MAhara
20. " Ms. Parbati Bajagai
21. " Mr. Lal BAhadur KArki
22. " Ms. Basanti Chaudhari
23. " Ms. Sabina Rajbanshi
24. " Ms. Balika Chaudhary
25. " Mr. Bal Bahadur Ghisingh
26. " Mr. Bandhu Lal Chaudhari
27. " Mr. Ram Naresh Das
28. " Mr. Kaushal Koirala
29. " Ms. Jagrila KC
30. " Ms. Bhagawati Ghartimagar
31. " Ms. Janaki Khatri
32. " Mr. Dhiraj Shahi
33. " Mr. Upendra KC
34. " Mr. Gombu Sherpa

Central Advisory Committee

We have also formed a Central Advisory Committee Which includes the following peasant leaders from Nepal:

1.Chairman- Mr. D.B. Karki

2.Member Mr. Tika Ram Khadka
3. " Mr. Ijan Baral
4. " Mr. Ram SHaran Aale
5. " Mr. Krishna Acharya